Painting, for me is process of discovery and expression.

Full Statement:

I am continually amazed by the unlimited layers of interconnected realities between the mind, body, time, space, and soul which I discover through the awesome Ancient Holy Inner Wisdom of KABBALAH. It is especially exhilarating to be able to grasp a conscious awareness of how the various different particular life's happenings are intertwined.

I am eternally grateful to be given the artistic gifts enabling me to depict these realities onto canvas and in writing. These spiritual expressions which I paint, creatively incorporate the material world with all its forms, layers, and colors. Their use in my paintings are designed to awaken the mind to relate to different layers of personal reality.

The aim of my work is to share with my viewers the opportunity for new ways of understanding, thinking, feeling, and seeing the familiar ways of their personal world's comings, goings, challenges, healing, victories, and celebrations.

It gives me enormous satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy to be able to contribute towards making this world a brighter and happier place.