Hi, It's me, SARYF. My full name is Sarah Rivka Yonah Frishberg. That's quite a mouthful! Because it's very important to go by one's full given name, rather than using only one of my names, I've taken the 1st initials of all of my names (S.R.Y.F) and included the 1st "A" from Sarah to ease pronunciation.

KABBALAH teaches us that a person's essence is the DNA of his soul. Moreover, this individual code of spiritual DNA is Divinely implanted in one's personal given name (s), and as found in the Ancient Holy Jewish Scriptures, is the source of his lifetime spiritual as well as material strengths. Using one's full given name illuminates this spiritual DNA and attracts positive energy and vitality for one's entire life, especially including times of challenges.

The artist accepts commissions for an original oil painting of an artistic expression of one's personal full given name (s). The painting is done in acrylic oils on a 50 cm x 70 cm canvas. Price:- 5000₪ includes shipping. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for research, production, and delivery.

Depicted here is an artistic rendering of the name of a surgeon called, BENYAMIN. Notice the Hebrew verse painted onto his hands. In This verse #14, from psalm #41, King David is praising G-D for not only healing him, but for HIS personal concern for King David's every care.This painting was commissioned as a thank you gift for the client's surgeon who successfully performed a very intricate life-saving operation.